Everything at a glance in our service center

In the NEFF service center you will find technical information on our products and our current catalog, as well as other helpful information for download.
These include QM certificates, operating and maintenance instructions, safety data sheets of our lubricants and our general terms and conditions.


To implement the NEFF components in your design, use our 3D configurator.
Downloading the 2D or 3D-models is possible in various formats.

Configuring CAD-models

Operating and maintenance instructions

Our operating and maintenance instructions with manufacturer's declaration for download:

Betriebs- und Wartungsanleitung Spindelhubgetriebe M-J/MH-JH (DE)

Operating manual Screw Jacks SHG M-J/MH-JH (EN)

Operating manual Screw Jacks SHG M-J/MH-JH (RU)

Elevadores de husillo SHG-M-J/MH-MJ (ES)

Manuel d' utilisation SHG-M-J/MH-MJ (FR)

Instrukcja obslugi Podnosnik srubowy przekladni slimakowej SHG M-J/MH-JH (PL)

Betriebs- und Wartungsanleitung Schnellhubgetriebe G-Serie (DE)

Operating manual High Speed Screw Jacks G-Series (EN)

Betriebsanleitung Kegelradgetriebe KRG-NV (DE)

Operating manual Bevel gear boxes KRG-NV (EN)

Manuel d' utilisation KRG-NV (FR)

Betriebsanleitung Spindelhubgetriebe C-Serie (DE)

Operating manual Screw Jack C-Series (EN)

Gebruiksaanwijzing Spindelhefelement C-Serie (NL)

Betriebsanleitung Spindelhubgetriebe C-Serie Teleskop (DE)

Operating manual Screw Jack C-Series Telescopic (EN)

Betriebsanleitung Synchron-Teleskopgewindetrieb S-TEG (DE)

Operating manual Synchron Telescop Screw Drive S-TEG (EN)

Betriebsanleitung Fest- und Loslagereinheiten SEB-FN-LN (DE)

Einbauanleitung NEFF Stehlager SLG (DE)

Betriebsanleitung Gelenkwellen GX (DE)

Operating manuel Drive Shafts GX (EN)

Betriebsanleitung Gelenkwellen ZR (DE)

Operating manuel Drive Shafts ZR (EN)

Betriebsanleitung Gewindetriebe KGT-TGT (DE)

Operating manual Screw Drive KGT-TGT (EN)

Betriebsanleitung Kreuzkardanadapter KKA (DE)

Anleitung NEFF Endschalterverstellung (DE-EN)

General Terms and Conditions of NEFF Gewindetriebe GmbH

Here you can download our General Terms and Conditions.We deliver exclusively on this basis.If our General Terms and Conditions are not available to you for technical or other reasons,we will be happy to send them to you on request.