Ball Screw (KGS)

Our standard product range includes rolled ball screws. On top of that, we deliver ground or whirled ball screws.

During the rolling process, the thread grooves are rolled in with a cold working method. This leads to high material strength an surface quality. The gothic pointed profile with a contact angle of 45° and an optimised osculation guarantees for ideal operating characteristics and high load capacities. This also allows for high efficiency. From raw material tailored to our specifications, to thread rolling and inductive hardening, to the final finishing, NEFF´s manufacturing process ensures a consistent high quality of our ball screws.

The ball screws in stock range from Ø12 to Ø80 with pitches up to 60mm. Thread profiles with up to six threads guarantee high load ratings. The standard pitch variation corresponds to tolerance grade T 7 (52µ/ 300mm). Thanks to the seamless process chain in the spindle production, we are able to deliver spindles with an accuracy of tolerance grade T 3 (12µ/ 300mm).

Technical Data

KGS 2005 + 3205 also left hand thread
KGS 1205: 2000mm to 11 000mm on request
Material: 1.1213 (Cf 53)
Ball track inductively hardened and polished, Spindle end and spindle core soft
Straightness: L < 500 mm: 0,05 mm/m
L = 500 – 1000 mm: 0,08 mm/m
L > 1000 mm: 0,1 mm/m
Right-hand/ left-hand spindle: KGS 2005 + 3205 only


  • End machining: Standard end machining fitting either NEFF fixed bearing units and movable bearing units or according to specific drawings.
  • Ball screw nut (KGF)
  • Ball screw nut (KGM)
  • Ball screw nut (KGM-E)

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Further accessories

  • Adaptor brackets (KON)
  • Bearing units (BK, BF, FK, FF, SEB-FN, SEB-LN,…)
  • Cardanic adaptors (KAR)
  • Grooved nuts (DRS, GUK)

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