Ball Screw Drives (KGT)

Ball Screws and ball nuts combined to a Ball Screw Drive

Here you find the whole range: from a standard ball screw with an axial clearance of max. 0,05 mm up to a reduced clearance or a pre-tensioned ball screw.
Pre-tensioned ball screws are available optionally: pre-tensioned with ball selection or pre-tensioned with double-nut units with a grounded distance ring.

The NEFF ball screw range conforms to DIN 69051 and to the NEFF standard.

Ball screw drives are available standard end machining or with customer-specific end machining.
Thanks to the low rolling friction and the suppressed breakaway torque a high mechanical efficiency < 98 % is realized and the required drive power is reduced.
Based on the continual development of the ball track profiles and the ball nut deflection systems, the NEFF Ball screws stand for exceptional high quality and life time.   

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Ball Screw (KGS)

Our standard product range covers rolled ball screws. We also deliver polished or wired ball screws.
The NEFF thread profiles are produced by cold rolling in the thread rolling method. This leads to a high stability/ firmness and surface quality.The thread profile is rolled by cold rolling. Through this generated forming, a solidity and surface quality is realized.

The Gothic pointed arch profile with a 45° contact angle and optimized osculation guarantees ideal operating characteristics. The NEFF manufacturing process, starting with raw material tailored for our specifications, followed by thread rolling and inductive hardening, finally finishing the surface ensures a constant high quality of our ball screws.

The balls screws in stock range from Ø12 to Ø80 with pitches varities up to 60 mm. The multi-start thread profile guarantees high load ratings.

The standard pith deviation of a rolled ball screw drive lies by T7 (52µm/300mm). Because of the continuous process chain in the spindle production, we are able to deliver spindles with an accuracy T3 (12µm/300mm).

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Ball nuts

Flanged Ball Nuts (KGF)

The wide range of flanged ball nuts allows a variety of connections and different applications.
The flanged ball nut is available from stock either as DIN 69051 with flattened flange for limited space or as KGF-N with the widely used NEFF-standard.

Special custom designs are available.

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Cylindrical ball nuts (KGM)

The NEFF cylindrical ball nuts have a very compact design and integrated keyways are particularly suitable for usage in cases ?!

The KGM-N series with NEFF-standard are particularly compact.

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Screw-in cylindrical ball nuts (KGM-E)

With the screw-in thread, the ball screw nut can be fixed axial

The KGM-E series is especially suitable for applications with torque tube connections, e.g. driving elements in electric cylinders.

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