Ball Screw Drives (KGT)

Cylindrical ball nuts (KGM)

NEFF cylindrical ball nuts are highly suited for the use in housing bores because of the compact construction and the integrated feather key groove. The design of the series KGM-N in accordance with the NEFF standard is particularly robust.

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KGM-D nach DIN 69051

Kugelgewindemuttern zylindrischer Bauform entsprechend den Außendurchmessern der DIN 69051.

KGM-N nach NEFF-Norm

Die Kugelgewindemuttern nach NEFF-Norm bauen besonders kompakt und sind besonders für beengte Einbauverhältnisse geeignet.


For implementing NEFF components in your construction, please use our 3D-configurator.
Download of 2D- or 3D-Models is possible in different formats.

Preview of NEFF screw-in cylindrical ball nuts

Attention: This preview shows a sample part and may differ from the CAD-Model you´ve chosen.

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