Our accessories program

Our in stock accessories program is focused on three categories: general accessories, screw drive accessories and screw jacks accessories. The combination of drive sections and different accessories offers solutions to any configuration of the standard program.

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Screw drive accessories

Ball screw drives and trapezoidal screw drives are available as bars with up to 6 m length. taylored on customer´s request we offer screw drives as saw section either with soft annealed ends or customized specific end machining.

Fitting with standard end machining, fixed bearing units (BK, FK, SEB-FN, FL) and variable bearing units ((BF, FF, SEB-LN, LL-K, LL-N, LL-R) are available.

Also available are groove nuts adapted to the diameter of the screw jack and the particular end machining as well as adaptor brackets and pivot adapters for universal usage of our screw jacks.

Accessories Worm gear screw jacks

For worm gear screw jacks (M-J) and high speed screw jacks (G) a wide range of accessories is available. This varies from equipment for shaft ends (mounting plates, spherical bearings, fork ends), the slewing fastening of worm gear screw jacks (cardanic adapters, cross cardanic adapters) to couplings and motor adaptor flanges.

There can be tailored various universal joint shafts for the composition of screw jacks. For manual operation there are hand wheels available.


Lubricants specially designed for ball screws, trapezoidal screws and worm gear screw jacks increase the performance and service life of the drive elements. Lubricators ensure freedom from maintenance through automatic relubrication. Bellows and spiral spring covers protect the screw drives against contamination, corrosion and abrasive media. In the same way, in a clean environment, the drive elements are encapsulated against the environment by tight bellows during operation.

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