Drive shaft GX

The elastomer flange is characteristic for universal joint shafts of the design type GX. Thereby the drive shafts attenuate noise, vibrations and impacts and compensate for axial, radial and angular errors. An exceptional torsional rigidity, high temperature and oil resistance are further positive features, and therefore are particularly suitable for long dimensions between axes and for high drives.

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Drive Shaft ZR

Combined with conventional claw couplings, the universal joint shaft of the ZR-Series is an economic alternative. A further advantage over the universal joint shaft GX is the compact design in the external diameter.

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Drive Shaft dhe

The flexible universal joint shafts DHE are used to bridge large center distances.
They transmit torques backlash-free and vibration-damping via elastomeric spiders which are
are decisive for the properties of the coupling and the driveline.
Due to the 2-piece coupling halves, they can be easily flanged to mounted worm gear screw jacks.

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