Sliding Drive (GGT)

Ball screw and sliding ball nut combined to a sliding drive (GGT)

The NEFF sliding drives are based on NEFF ball screws. The sliding drive is completed with a sliding nut, manufactured with the negative profile of the ball screw, instead of (using) a ball nut.

The generated sliding drive combines high pitches and dynamic of the ball screw with the lower costs of the trapezoidal threaded spindles.

Choosing high-quality plastics allows the lubricant-free running of the sliding drive – a significant characteristic with advantages in many businesses (e.g. food industry, clean room technology etc.), which excludes many problems in advance.

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Sliding thread (GGS)

The interaction of sliding ball nuts (GGM) made from plastics with integrated ball screw negative profiles makes NEFF ball screws to a sliding drive.

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Sliding ball screw nuts (GGM)

According to the ball nut series KGF-N und KGF-D, the sliding ball nuts GGM are available as GGF-D and GGF-N.

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