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The wide range of fl anged ball nuts allows for a variaty of different connectivity options for diverse applications. The fl anged ball nuts are available from stock either with a fl attened fl ange for limited mounting space according to DIN 69051 or as type KGF-N in accordance with the widespread NEFF standard. Special fl anges or the further processing of standard nuts for customer-specifi c needs can be developed in accordance with drawings.



Flanged Ball Nut (FZ)

A flanged ball nut unit preloaded without clearance consists of a flanged nut and a cylindrical nut. It is available either in accordance with the NEFF standard or the DIN standard. The preload is at the maximum 5% of the dynamic load rating Cdyn. If the preloaded is more than 2% we recommend the pitch accuracy T5. This type is characterised by a very high stiffness.



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KGF-D/DIN 69051

Ball screws corresponding to DIN 69051 with flattened flange.


Ball screws corresponding to NEFF-standard are specifically compact and therefore suitable for integration in narrow spaces. Moreover the KGF-N ball screws are interchangeable with EFM-trapezoidal ball nuts. Thereby trapezoidal screw drives can be replaced by ball screw drives without greater constructive changes.


For implementing NEFF components in your construction, please use our 3D-configurator.
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Preview of NEFF flanged ball nuts KGF-D and N

Attention: This preview shows a sample part and may differ from the CAD-Model you´ve chosen.

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