Classic Worm Gear Screw Jacks (C-Series)

The new NEFF classic product line of the C-Series Screw jacks prove to be modern high-performance screw jacks. They are technically robust and flexible in terms of application. This is insured not only by the integrated screw lubrictation, making a relubrication of the spindle drive during operation possible, but also by the high-performance gearing, that allows higher efficiency and longer duty cycles. Due to the separated lubrication systems of gear and screw jacks the new C-series screw jacks can be used in any desired installation position. They are provided with a high quality semi-fluid grease and lubricated for life unter normal circumstances.

The housings which are optimized by using FEM (the finite-element-method) allows for a safe use even in case of extreme weights. Within the standard programm it is possible to chose different screw types and grades. Beside the use of single and multiple threads, ball screws with different pitches can also be chosen. In the case of manufacturing with ball screws, the ball screw nuts are completely integrated into the gear housing. Less mounting space is necessary. In addition to the catalogue standards, NEFF Gewindetriebe GmbH is constantly developing new drive solutions for customized projects on request.

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Type R

  • Screw Jacks with rotating spindle

More Information about type R

Type N

  • The classic with lifting spindle

More information about Type N

Type VK

  • Screw jack, anti-twist with square protective tube

More Information about Type VK

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