Worm Gear Screw Jacks (M-J)

The cubic-type NEFF screw jacks (types M and J) are lifting elements that have enjoyed great popularity among users for decades due to their shape and characteristics. The screw drives from our own production, paired with high-quality worm gearboxes, result in screw jacks with outstanding properties in terms of lifting power and smoothness.

The lifting gear units are available with trapezoidal or ball screw drive with lifting forces from 150 to 500kN. The cubic design enables the use of the screw jacks in all mounting positions. As an N version with continuous spindle or as an R version with rotating spindle in combination with a running nut, the screw jacks can be assembled for the respective application. As a further expansion stage, the lifting elements in the N version can be supplied non-rotating by means of a square protective tube or V-groove.

By connecting individual screw jacks with drive shafts lifting systems can be realized in a simple way. With the rich accessories many problems can be solved with the standard program.

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Design type R

  • Screw jack with rotating spindle

More information on design type R

Design type N

  • The classic with a lifting spindle

More Information on design type N

Design type VK

  • Screw jack, secured against twisting by a square protective tube on the gear side.

More Information on design type VK

Design type VP

  • Screw jack, protected against twisting by a feather key in the bearing cover of the gearbox and a milled groove in the spindle.

More Information on design type VP

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