Telescopic Screw Drives M-TEG

The M-TEG multi-stage telescopic screw drives from NEFF rise from extrem compact installation dimension to impressive
lifting heights. With up to 7 screw stages the user can combine very different load ranges and installation conditions.
Out of the standard connection for screw bearing, the NEFF screw jacks of series M, C or G can be easily adapted.
The high pitch of the thread profile, achieving high efficiencies. Special designs, special sizes and special materials
are available on request.

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Technische Daten

Max. force: Standard: 15 kN (Higher duty on request)
Max. stroke length: Standard: bis 6.000 mm (> 6000 mm on request)
Stroke per turn of the drive shaft: 0,89 bis 32mm
Max. radial clearance per step: 0,2 mm
Max. axial clearance per step: 0,4 mm
Screw pitch: 32 mm
Efficiency flat trapezoical screw: 0,38 bis 0,75 mm  
Max. drive torque: 30 Nm(Higher drive torque on request)
Running idle drive torque: 0,6 Nm bis 4,3 Nm
Treatment of surface: Stützrohr und Befestigungsplatten zinkphosphatiert
Greasing: The first greasing with NEFF grease 2/3 is enough for at least
one year in case of a duty cycle lower than 10%  

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