Telescopic Screw Drive S-TEG

2-stage synchronously extending telescopic screw drive as glide screw drive version or as ball screw drive version.
As proven “N” design version – “Lifting screw” - or as non-rotating variant of the “VK” design, optionally with safety nut
and integrated limit switches.

Standardised connecting options on request for gear, toothed belt or for the direct connection of a drive motor by means of
a motor adapter flange or coupling.
The different variants can be selected on the basis of the product code.

General technical data:

- The intelligent drive unit ensures continuous torque and clearance throughout the entire stroke.
- Reduced friction values due to Teflon-coated aluminium materials (glide screw version)
- The safety nuts for the glide screw version may optionally be set for fracture or wear.
- For the ball screw version, nuts from the standard product range are used, thus ensuring availability of stock goods and
quick replacement.

S-TEG-N-VK with adapter flange AF

S-TEG-N-VK with High Speed Screw Jack G1

S-TEG-N-VK with Screw Jack M3

Attachment parts S-TEG

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Technical specifications

Max. stroke power with ball drive: 16400 N
Max. stroke power with glide screw drive:1) 10500 N
Maximum stroke length: up to 2400mm
> 2400mm on request
Stroke per revolution of the drive shaft: 10mm
Up to 100mm on request
Axial clearance with ball screw drive: 0.1mm (standard)
<0.1mm on request
Axial clearance with glide screw drive: max. 0.4mm
<0.4mm on request
Accuracy classes: T7: 52μm/300mm 2)
T9: 130μm/300mm
T10: 210μm/300mm
Efficiency with ball screw drive: 0,76
Efficiency with glide screw drive: 0.21 (version: 10mm stroke per revolution)
0.68 (version: 100mm stroke per revolution)
Idling torque with ball screw drive: 0,054 Nm
Idling torque with glide screw drive: 0,133 Nm
Maximum admissible drive torque: 30 Nm


1) Depending on the pv value (load x speed)
2) Only available for ball screw version

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