Trapezoidal Screws (RATS, RPTS)

NEFF´s rolled trapezoidal threads are available from stock in over 70 different sizes. We manufacture our spindles in various materials, also in stainless steel. Continuous process control guarantees consistently high quality. Please contact us for individual spindle specifications.



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Technical Data

Diameter standard: 10 – 120 mm
Pitch: standard: 2 – 24 mm
Number of threads: 1-6
Thread direction: right- or left-hand thread
Length: standard: 3000 mm<br Ø20/>Ø20: 6000 mm, , excess length over 11 000 mm on enquiry
Material: 1.0401 (C 15)


  • End machining:   standard end machining suitable for NEFF- fixed bearing units and
                              movablebearing units or specific according to drawings.
  • Ready-to-install bronze nut EFM
  • Long red brass nut, cylindrical (LRM)
  • Short steel nut blank, cylindrical (KSM)
  • Hexagonal steel nut (SKM)
  • Safety trap nut (SFM)
  • Long plastic nut blank, cylindrical

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For implementing NEFF components in your construction, please use our 3D-configurator.
Download of 2D- or 3D-Models is possible in different formats.