Trapezoidal-threaded spindles (RATS, RPTS)

The rolled NEFF trapezoidal threads are characterized by a high constant precision, due to production in a restricted tolerance zone.

Material standard is 1.0401/C15. We also offer an extensive program of trapezoidal threads from rustproof material (1.4305/X8CrNiS18-9), RATS.



Technical Data

Diameter standard: 10 – 120 mm
Pitch: standard: 2 – 24 mm
Number of threads: 1-6
Thread direction: right- or left-hand thread
Length: standard: 3000 mm<br Ø20/>Ø20: 6000 mm, , excess length over 11 000 mm on enquiry
Material: 1.0401 (C 15)


  • End machining:   standard end machining suitable for NEFF- fixed bearing units and
                              movablebearing units or specific according to drawings.
  • Ready-to-install bronze nut EFM
  • Long red brass nut, cylindrical (LRM)
  • Short steel nut blank, cylindrical (KSM)
  • Hexagonal steel nut (SKM)
  • Safety trap nut (SFM)
  • Long plastic nut blank, cylindrical

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More accessories

  • Adaptor brackets (KON)
  • Bearing units (BK, BF, FK, FF, SEB-FN, SEB-LN…)
  • Pivot adaptors (KAR)
  • Grooves nuts (DRS, GUK)

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For implementing NEFF components in your construction, please use our 3D-configurator.
Download of 2D- or 3D-Models is possible in different formats.

Preview for NEFF-Trapezoidal screw drives

Attention: This preview shows a sample part and may differ from the CAD-Model you´ve chosen.