High Speed Screw Jacks (G)

NEFF high-speed gearboxes supplement the range of screw jacks for extended applications with greater dynamics. Its application range is in the middle load range (12.3 kN - 117 kN). High-speed gearboxes have hardened and ground, spiral-toothed bevel gear ratios. You achieve high lifting speeds while improving efficiency.

The three sizes G1, G2 and G3 are available both as N-version with stationary, continuous spindle, as V-version protected against twisting and as R-version with rotating spindle. The 2: 1 and 3: 1 gear ratios in conjunction with high pitch ball screw spindles enable high dynamic drive solutions.

With ball screw spindles, high speed screw jacks achieve even better performance. All high speed screw jacks are functional in any position and can be mounted on all sides thanks to the cubic design. Depending on the application, the gear units are supplied with up to four drive shafts, so that additional bevel gear drives may be omitted. All high speed screw jacks are filled with oil at the factory.

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Design type R

  • Screw jacks with rotating spindle

More information on design type R

Design type N

  • The classic with a lifting spindle

More information on design type N

Design type VK

  • Screw jack,  secured against twisting by square protective tube

More information on design type VK

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