High Speed Screw Jacks (G) Type N

N type quick-lift gearboxes are characterised by the lifting spindle. Like all NEFF high speed screw jacks, the type N of the M/J series is available with both trapezoidal screw and ball screw.
This means that the nut thread of the screw drive is located in the centre of the caliper wheel. Provided that the nut is fixed in such a way that it cannot rotate, the threaded spindle performs a stroke movement. Simplified description: The non-rotating threaded spindle moves through the gear housing.

On the load side, type N quick-lift gearboxes can be adapted with a small space requirement. On the opposite side, installation space is required for the threaded spindle retracting into a protective tube.

One of the advantages of this design is that vibrations which could occur due to rotating spindles during long strokes are excluded.

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