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Telescopic Screw Drives M-TEG / S-TEG

2-Stage synchronously extending telescopic screw drive as a sliding screw or ball screw variant.
Available designs: approved N-Type “Lifting Spindle” or VK-Type anti-twist version, optionally with limit switch. You can choose from standardized connecting options for gear, toothed belt or direct connection of a drive motor by means of motor adapter flange and coupling.

The versions can be selected via the product code.

General technical data:

The intelligent drive unit ensures continuous torque and clearance throughout the entire stroke.
Reduced friction values due to teflon-coated aluminum materials (glide screw version).
The safety nuts for the glide screw version may optionally be set for fracture or wear.

For the ball screw version, nuts from the standard product range are used to ensure availability of stock goods and quick replacement.

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